Fast & Easy

Simplified workflows, content libraries, and drag 'n drop interface make it super easy to sync content and manage files.

Analytics Galore

Deep-dive analtyics give you a holistic view of performance and valuable actionable insight.

Works Across Devices

Start a project on your mobile device and seamlessly finish and share it from your desktop.


From collaboration tools to re-purposing content across the organization, creating, hosting, and sharing interactive content and video is magically simple. 

“KnowledgeVision helps me scale my training programs worldwide. Online, video-based presentations make my subject matter experts available 24/7.  And I can be up to 10x more effective.”


Drew Castillo


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Advanced features, admin & security

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multi-user licenses

100 hours storage

100,000 viewing minutes

Email & Phone support

and more

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Site wide licenses, more storage and minutes, and SSO

unlimited user licenses

250 hours storage

1,000,000 viewing minutes

Named Account Manager

and more

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Finally, there's a hosting platform where you can create, organize, and analyze video, presentations, images, and more.

Now it's magically simple to collaborate, and share knowledge inside and outside of your organization using dynamic media.  Everything you need is right here, in one platform.  
So, get ready to do more. 

Create interactive content in minutes.  Record videos.  Track engagement.  Host & Share.   It's all here– in one platform.



Everything you need to be awesome


1 user license

billed annually


10 hours storage

20,000 viewing minutes

Email support

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How easy is it to get up to speed? 
Super easy!  After 30 minutes of video tutorials, nearly all our customers are creating and sharing content!  Of course, in-depth knowledge comes from using it and watching even more tutorials.  On-site onboarding is available for a fee.
How do I know what plan is right for my organization?
If you are a department of one, Suite is perfect for you. Suite enables you to do everything with the platform. If more than 3 users in your company need to create and manage content, an upgrade gives you administrative controls, more security controls and much more storage.  The plans are designed to grow with you.  As you create and share more content, you'll need more portals, storage and of course, more folks will be viewing your content. 
What functional groups benefit from using the platform? 
The Knovio platform is used by Human Resources, Training, Learning & Development, Marketing, and Communications departments.  Showcases enable you to share content (provided its authorized) so departmental groups can re-use and re-purpose assets.  Download the overview
How do I upgrade my subscription or trial? 
Upgrading is easy.  You can do it directly online just add your credit card credentials.  When you upgrade, you retain access to all your content.  When your trial ends, you'll loose access to all your assets.  Call if you need help in choosing the right plan. 
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